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Where are the Himalayas?

The Himalayas begin in Pakistan stretching across India, Bhutan and Nepal till China in the east.

When to visit the Himalayas?

The Himalayas cover a large area and are subject to a vast range of climatic conditions. In general, the best months to visit are March-May (Spring) and September-November (Autumn). An exception is Ladakh, where the best time to travel is between May and September (Summer).

Am I fit enough for the Himalayas?

The diversity of landscapes in the Himalayas offers a broad selection of treks in terms of length, difficulty, altitude, and climate. Therefore, a trip to the Himalayas does not necessarily mean climbing peaks and expeditions. We have classified the fitness conditions into three levels:

STRENUOUS: You will need to be fit, have very good stamina, and be confident that you can trek for some days without a break. You should expect some long days, cold temperatures, high altitudes, and some tough terrain in simply spectacular scenery.

CHALLENGING: Fitness is important for this trip, and you'll need to improve your stamina before you depart.  You will either have trekked before, or be confident about your fitness.

MODERATE: If you have walked in the hills at home and are reasonably fit, you will enjoy this level of trek. Might involve a day or two of harder and steeper walking, but generally walking conditions will be good.