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Stories of our travellers

India - Sikkim

"Im Oktober 2015 durfte ich auf eine einmalige Art und Weise die Bergwelt des Himalayas erfahren.Einer meiner eindrucksvollsten und erlebnisreichsten Trips liegt hinter mir.

Ich möchte mich vor allem bei Sajit bedanken, der uns diese Erfahrung ermöglicht hat. Er hat uns seine Heimat und Kultur - die Bergwelt Sikkims - in einer wenig touristischen, sehr "local"nahen Art und Weise kennen und lieben gelernt. Mir werden die zwei Wochen auf ewig in Erinnerung bleiben, nicht zuletzt wegen der coolsten und lustigsten Truppe, die man sich nur wünschen kann: die zwei verrückten Israeli-guys Chicko Altman und Raz, die beiden Aussies Phil und Sam sowie die beste travelmate Marion, die liebenswerte Crew (Porters: Abhi Hang, Purna Kumar, Danes Subba; kitchen staff: Sukku Subba, Sanjeev Subba, Suhang; cook: Bhaichung Subba; Yak men: Bal Kumar & Mani Hang), die unermüdlichen, treuen Dzos und der fabelhafte Pemtuk (2. guide), der mich auf die nicht ganz einfachen 5000m begleitet und so einen meiner größten Träume erfüllt hat.

Ich würde mir für die Zukunft wünschen, dass der Umweltschutz bzw. die Abfallentsorgung auf den einzelnen Zeltplätzen noch optimiert wird, indem man mit den Einheimischen geeigneten Maßnahmen erarbeitet und umsetzt. Eine Aufgabe, der ich mich eines Tages selbst sehr gerne widmen würde. Sikkim, ich werde wiederkommen :)

Anna Maria Weck, Active Outdoor Person

Oct-Nov 2015

Druk Path Family Trek

''The organisation of the trek was perfect and MD and his team have done a great job - guiding, loading luggage, preparing tents, delicious cooking .... The weather was mixed but we were lucky not to get wet as we always had reached the camp before it started raining. On THE day the sky was spotless blue, so we could see all the mighty mountains and even had breakfast in the sun at Rabanai. What a surprise if you have only seen clouds, fog and snow the days before. Florian was very happy with the horse and could enjoy quite a bit of riding up the steep path. Not only Luis would have loved to continue trekking for some more days ... So we all had a wonderful time.
Thank you very much for the perfect organisation. I attach some of the pics.''

Katharina, Manfred, Luis and Florian from Germany
April 2014

Start of my world trip - Kanchendzonga Trek
India - Sikkim

" I did a trekking in Sikkim and I saw how other operators treated their animals, environmett and local staff (e.g. not enough food, animals ate plastic, throwing away garbage, grumpy guides, ...).

I know by heart that dzo-journey is doing everything to ensure that their staff is happy and animals are well cared. They sometimes even clean the whole campsite with carbage from other groups.

Sajit, the owner, also enlaunched an own foundation to collect your old outdoor clothes to pass them to people in Nepal and Sikkim.

Enjoy the beauty of the mountains while having a good feeling."

Dominik Habermann, Travel Photographer & Writer
April 2015



India - Sikkim

I'm sure Tim will agree that we had a fantastic time on the trek. Sanjay did a great job as a guide, and we felt that he was very service-oriented and very capable. I was a little concerned when I found out how young he was, but I have nothing but positive things to say. He was very knowledgeable about the area, his English skills were very good, if there was anything we needed, he was able to accommodate us. He also seemed to get along very well with the other people on the trip; the cooks, assistant cooks and porters. Sanjay also has a great sense of humor - Tim and I were joking around with him a lot, and teasing him about how much attention he paid to his hair - he was always good natured about it.   The food was excellent - it was actually too much! Tim and I couldn't eat everything, and felt bad that they were taking all this time and effort to prepare food that we couldn't eat! The cook and assistant cook were very impressive - I couldn't believe the quality and variety of food they were able to turn out from the kitchen they carried around. Everything was delicious - the vegetables were excellent, and I loved the spices. The assistant cook was very attentive and helpful, bringing us whatever we wanted, whether it was tea, snacks, or boiling water for my coffee. He was always in a good mood also - we felt like everyone was generally glad to be on the trek with us.   The trek itself was beautiful, and was plenty challenging. The day we hiked up to the Goechala was great - I decided to go onto the 2nd viewpoint with the assistant cook, and I was very, very slow, but didn't feel like he was rushing me; even though it was obvious he could sprint up the hill. I'm glad we did a round trek instead of an out-and-back. The way back was spectacular - the place we camped (the place where we were supposed to camp in the caves but couldn't because there was water) was one of the most spectacular campsites I've ever been to. I felt like we were camping in the sky, looking out over the clouds.   All in all, I had a fantastic time. I would not hesitate to recommend your company, and will go onto ThornTree and do so. Thanks again for all your help, and best wishes to you in the future! If you are ever in San Francisco, please get in touch! Regards, Larry  

Timothy Sharpe & Larry Baker

October 2014

Kasturi Round Trek
India - Sikkim

Hi Sajit,

The trek was fantastic! In particular the food was incredible. Some of the best curries I have had, and cooked to my chilli-wimp taste too. It is amazing what was achieved on such a high mountain. The variety of different breads and courses with each meal was superb and we never ceased to be amazed. I will definitely be recommending this trip to others in the future. Kind Regards, Tam



Tamarind Reynold